Reconnect with nature!

Want to experience how to be areal Estonian?

Come for a guided wild herb excursion; get to know and pick wild berries, mushrooms and other natural gifts from Estonian forests that are a real paradise of organic super foods.  Experience open fire cooking, learn outdoor skills and survival tips in the wild. Come and follow the wildlife; animal tracks are best seen during winter after a freshly fallen snow.

In co-operation with Teadlikud Elamused MTÜ. Starting from 10€/pp, (min. group size 8 people)

Digital detox!

Escape, disconnect, reduce stress, and focus more on true social interaction and connection with nature in the physical world. 

Do you really just want to escape and be quiet and still? 

Do you wish you had a chance to shut out all the endless digital noise and truly connect with our planet, your loved ones and yourself? 

Visit Matsalu National Park-a paradise for birds. Take a guided wildlife tour with bird or mammal watching in co-operation with Estonian Nature Tours.


Get away from it all, step back and take a deep breath among nature. Take a walk in the forest and enjoy the wilderness. 

You can choose between different hiking trails: 

Paralepa-Pullpää hiking trail 8 km long

Läänemaa Health Path (Riisipere-Haapsalu-Rohuküla) for pedestrians and cyclists 60 km long. 

Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ahijärve RMK hiking route 820 km

Eat Clean - Eat Local

Say hello to a new you finding harmony and balance from the inside out. Hapsal Spa Villas invites you to do as much or as little as you like to achieve wellness. Choose from signature massages to functional fitness, personalized wellness and nutritional programs. You can choose between different menus: detox, vegan, gluten free, lactose free or family menu. You will be provided with ecologically controlled fresh local seasonal ingredients from local Läänemaa producers. Our food consultant Kristel Vokk will give you a lecture about healthy and balanced diet.

Price 250 € up to 10 persons

You can also add a 2 h long yoga lesson with lecture and a guided walk in the forest or stretching on the beach.
Price 350 € up to 10 persons

Hike and Bike

In co-operation with our partners we provide the following activities in the wild when renting Hapsal Spa Villas. Our partners offer high quality services and operate responsibly.

Come experience Nordic nature at its best. We can arrange in cooperation with our partner 360 Degrees:

Bog shoeing 294€ up to 10 persons, additional person 20€

Kick sledging 350€ up to 10 persons, additional person 35€

Ride with fat bikes 390€ up to 10 persons, additional person 39€

Kayaking 490€ up to 10 persons, additional person 35€

Switch off the auto-pilot-Do something different every day!

Attend a workshop at Haapsalu Lace Center. 

Haapsalu shawl or Haapsalu scarf is a knitted lace shawl that originated in the seaside resort town of Haapsalu, Estonia during the early 19th century.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Have you ever wanted to know how to fight with a sword? 

It’s an exciting sport in the Olympics that combines traditions going back hundreds of years, with modern technology. Fortunately, the days of swordsmen are over so you can have a lot of fun fencing, without risking life and limb.

Attend a private fencing course at Haapsalu Sports Centre. A new fencing hall has been open since October 2016.

Price for 2-10 people is 175 €/per hour, duration 2 hours. Rate includes hall rent, equipment rent, teaching basic fencing concepts of and techniques, best training coach.